Are you having trouble bringing in new customers? Are you unsure of the next step in your marketing strategy? There’s a straightforward solution that you’ve probably overlooked:

Write a book out of it.

Yes, you heard that right. This one thing—especially if it’s a physical printed book rather than a Kindle or eBook—has the potential to propel your company to heights you never imagined it could reach. Simply having your name on the cover of a book will open the door to a whole new universe of possibilities for you and your business or career.


Consider the following scenario: You are attending a conference or meeting with a local networking organization, and you meet two coaches who specialize in business branding—something you are aware you require assistance with.

One coach says all that has to be said. Years in the company have allowed her to collaborate with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. She offers some fantastic suggestions for how she might assist you in positioning your brand.

With one exception, she has just handed you a copy of her most recent book, which is comparable to the other’s background and story. It’s a well-printed, large publication that virtually exudes self-assurance on the surface level.

Which coach, in your opinion, has greater authority in her field? Of course, it’s the one with the book. A book bearing your name is unrivaled when it comes to establishing your influence in any field.


So what is it about you that makes a book speak so highly of you and establish your authority in such a positive way? Because it provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and experience. It’s similar to being invited to make a presentation on any topic of your choosing on a global stage.

Not only that, but your readers are a captive audience who will listen attentively. They’re hanging on to your every word. Being in that position is really powerful, and it provides you with an excellent opportunity to flaunt your stuff.

Market Reach

Even if you obtain many readers from Google or a large amount of traffic to your YouTube channel, nothing compares to the number of prospective readers that Amazon and other online retailers may bring your way.

If your book is properly positioned, it has the potential to reach millions of new readers as well as thousands of potential customers. That is especially true when combined with the skill and authority that comes with being a published author, which is an unbeatable combination for success.

Better Than a Business Card

If you’ve ever attended a conference, there’s a good chance you came away with a stack of business cards. They are thrown away six months after they were received since you never got in touch with the folks who provided them to you when you returned home.

What would happen, though, if one of those individuals handed you a book instead? It’s likely that you’ve already read it skimmed through it. It’s almost certain that you didn’t dispose of it. And you recall it—as well as the name of the person who wrote it.

Press Opportunities

Simply turning on the television or browsing through Huffington Post or listening to any of several famous podcasts will reveal that the vast majority of the guest speakers and interviewees have authored a book in some form or another.

Because interview shows rely on fascinating, perceptive guests to hold their audiences’ attention, there is no better candidate than an author to fill that role. Writing a book will provide you with a plethora of opportunities for public appearances that you would not otherwise have had if your name were not on the cover.

Closing Thoughts

Is it necessary to write a book in order to be successful? No. However, there is no doubting the reality that a published author will find it much easier to expand her business or career than a coach who continues to postpone the task until a more supposedly convenient time.

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