You’re well aware that you need to do it. That is, write your book. It’s probably been on your get-it-done list for a while. Every one of your mentors has told you repeatedly that this is the year you need to publish your book.

And yet, nothing has happened.

You’re saying that you don’t see the value in having a published book on your resume or that you don’t want to be associated with it in any way. You have a hard time with it, and like many other entrepreneurs, are likely reluctant to publish their work for the same reasons.

No Time To Write

Here’s something significant. Everybody is quite busy doing something. I’m sure you can relate to that. However, when it comes to expanding your business, this is not an acceptable reason.

Instead of complaining about not having enough time, you should be structuring your day to make time for the essential activities, such as writing your book. Consider getting up 30 minutes earlier every morning for a purposeful time of writing, turning off the television after supper so you can write, or even putting aside several hours every Sunday morning, afternoon, or evening until your book is finished are all options to consider.

The key is that you must make writing your book the main concern. Time must be blocked off on your schedule, and that time must be treated as sacred time. Pretend you’re on your way to a meeting with your most important client and don’t let anything get in the way of keeping that appointment.

You Can’t Write

Even if a large number of people claim they are unable to write, when you check out their blogs, you will find hundreds of articles. When someone claims they cannot write, what they truly mean is that they do not enjoy it.

Fortunately, you can get around this obstacle as there are many choices. For example, you could engage a ghostwriter’s services, have someone ask you a specific number of questions about your topic, and record yourself answering those questions. Then, you could transcribe them or use a service such as Another example is that you could take your blog posts that are centered on a single topic and repurpose them into a book.

A Book Can’t Be Organized Like A Lengthy Project

As a blogger, your posts are excellent, and you enjoy writing them; yet, the prospect of writing a complete book causes you to freeze in place. As you watch your cursor blink continuously, it has become the norm of the day. It doesn’t have to be that way.

First and foremost, if you can write a blog post, you can write a whole series of books on the subject. After all, the procedure is the same for everyone. Putting words together to form sentences, then sentences together to form paragraphs, and so on. If you feel you don’t type fast enough, don’t let that keep you from writing your book. You can always write your thoughts on paper first, then type them out.

However, if you are concerned that you will not complete a lengthy project, an outline will prove to be your best friend. To begin, sketch down a high-level summary of your project, break it down into parts, and finally, chapters. Make a list of the topics you’ll cover in each session, and then it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks when the time comes.

Closing Thoughts

There are a plethora of compelling reasons to write a book. It’s critical for establishing your expertise, expanding your audience, and solidifying your message, among other things. However, none of this will occur unless you write the document. Therefore, it is imperative to move through your obstacles and finish your book.

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